What is "Oh Sh!t Coverage"?

In addition to our standard warranty, all of our sunglasses are also covered by an accidental warranty we like to call "Oh Sh!t Coverage".  

"Oh Sh!t Coverage" takes care of those accidents that inevitably befall all of us. If you lose or break your sunglasses at any point, ever, we'll replace them at a hugely discounted rate. The first replacement costs you 25% of the retail cost of the sunglasses, the second 50%, the third 75% and the fourth is regular purchase price. To put it simply, we'll replace your sunglasses three times at a discounted rate before making you pay full price again.

Example: You buy your first pair from us and they have a retail price of $100. You lose them three months later.  We will express ship you a new pair for $25. No questions asked. Simple! Everything is great for a year and then you accidentally run them over with your car, you would then pay $50 for a brand new pair express shipped.  Next time would be $75, the final replacement is full cost and then the cycle repeats.  Get the idea?  No games, No gimmicks, we will take care of you!

The only caveat to any of this is that this program does not take into account sales. It will always account for the retail price of the sunglasses and not the sales price. If you purchase a pair of our sunglasses for $50 that typically cost $100, you are still paying $25 for the replacement pair because the retail value of the originals is $100.

Need to file a claim? It's simple, fill out the form below.  Give us your name, email and what happened.  We will review your claim and your past order and history and get back to you ASAP.  We usually have these claims resolved within 24 hours and a new pair of sunglasses on the way.

Something Bad Happened...

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